Persian Speaking Club

Your Dream of Persian Speaking is Here

looking for a conversation class?

Speaking club is for those who, are familiar with Persian grammar and have enough Persian vocabulary. In this club, the students are able to improve their conversation skills as soon as possible in a completely Persian-speaking environment. Conversation classes are different from other Persian language courses; because the focus of these classes is on the two main language skills “speaking” and “listening”.

The required level

The best level for participating in this club and having a better comprehension, is upper-intermediate or higher levels; because students in these classes need to have the ability to talk about their ideas and opinions, and everyday common terms. They will learn advanced level of conversation, expressing more about what they think, talking about daily news, discussing future plans, interpreting the cultural and social differences, which ultimately leads to the strengthening of speaking and listening skills and increasing their Persian vocabularies.

Benefits of Speaking Club

The purpose of Persian Club is to use Persian words correctly in sentences and to accelerate students’ speaking skills. By participating in these courses, students can achieve their best efficiency in Persian and dramatically improve their conversation level with more speaking and listening exercises in these classes.

What do you gain here?

  • Strengthening speaking and listening skills;
  • Increasing the number of common words and vocabularies;
  • Learning how to use words in Persian sentences correctly;
  • Learning how to pronounce Persian words correctly;
  • Learning idioms, proverbs, slang and expressions;
  • Getting to know more about the culture and customs of Iranians;
  • Increasing self-confidence in speaking Persian.

How the classes are held?

Speaking club classes are held in 10 live sessions (each session lasts one and a half hours)
Just on weekends

The time of the classes will be fixed according to the time of the teacher and students. As soon as we reach to the minimum number of students (6 students), we start the course.

For more information, please send a message on WhatsApp to +98 902 261 0772

The fee of the course is with 40% discount: just 30 euro

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