About Us

More than 10 years Persian Language Teaching

Our Story

We are a non-profit organization consist of several Persian language teachers with at least 10 years of Persian teaching experiences in different universities and organizations. After teaching in different institutions, we could build up our own method of language teaching, which will help the learners to get through the words and sentences and understand them like their own native language in a very fast and easy way. This gives them a better feeling of learning the language. We have established the Association of Persian Language Teachers (APLT) and based on our method, we wrote a specific Persian textbook for non-Persian speakers.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Zeinab Arabnejad

PhD. of Persian language and literature 

Raheleh Khalantary

PhD. of Universal Linguistics 

Mona Haji Rahimi

PhD. of Persian language and literature 

Atefeh Khodaei

PhD. of Persian language and literature 

Aref Jorbonyan

PhD. of Persian language Teaching

Ali Hassani

PhD. of Persian language and literature 

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What Our Students Have to Say

I got the most effective course here. It was exactly what I wanted; especially the teacher is the best. I really love her method of teaching.

Syed Ahmad Hussain
From the US

As I understood, you are very professional in what you do; good educational support, beneficial videos and interactive lessons.

Fatima Naqvi
From Pakistan

I use to participate in some other Persian courses but I thought learning Persian is something impossible but my teacher here changed my mind. Now just after one month taking part in the classes I speak and read Persian.

Khalid Hamid
From Egypt

The most interesting part of the lesson is the homework. I enjoy doing them and recording my voice pronouncing the words and being correct by the help of my own teacher. It helps me to move forward step by step.

Antonio Cooper
From Italy